Emergency Management

An emergency is always messy, stressful and confusing, no matter how good the emergency response procedures. We are rarely able to train for the stress of the decision making cycle, the stimulus of trauma associated with the real impact of a disaster, the suppression of emotions that we have to work through and the speed of which these life saving decision have to be made.

All these factors mean that a robust emergency response plan will still feel inadequate; until it is compared against the management of an emergency without a plan in place. Only then can we see that we were not frozen in the moment; we made a decision, we acted on impulse based on our training, we had fall-back options if required; and we prevailed. In comparison to the cost of not having a plan, then it will always be worth the cost.

Russell Boon is an experienced Emergency Manager consulting to business and industry ensuring legal and regulatory compliance. Russell has 30 years experience in emergency management specializing in emergency planning and preparedness.

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