Develop Your Inner Decision Response Team - 7 Principles is the kick start you need to boosting your decision-making ability. In this free guide you'll find out what it takes to enhance your ability to make better decisions and what can undermine you at each step of the way.

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drawing upon 30 years of emergency management experience i offer insight, training and coaching, helping you to overcome the stagnation and hesitation that indecision can lead to.


An emergency is always messy, stressful and confusing, no matter how good the emergency response procedures. We are rarely able to train for the stress of the decision making cycle, the stimulus of trauma associated with the real impact of a disaster, the suppression of emotions that we have to work through and the speed of which these life saving decisions have to be made.

All these factors mean that a robust emergency response plan will still feel inadequate; until it is compared against the management of an emergency without a plan in place. Only then can we see that we were not frozen in the moment; we made a decision, we acted on impulse based on our training, we had fall-back options if required; and we prevailed. In comparison to the cost of not having a plan, then it will always be worth the investment.

Russell is a leader in the Emergency Management arena with a genius for being able to provide informative, useful educational training seminars and workshops to the highest levels of the organisation. His engaging, interactive approach ensures those involved with the process genuinely understand and appreciate all aspects of their role
— Caroline Kerr MCBI - Risk Management Coordinator at Department of Health (WA Health)

Speaking, Consulting and Courses

As a former emergency service professional with experience in building, training and leading teams in difficult circumstances, I help you build your own high-performance team through sharing decision-making skills that emergency service personnel rely on when situations are dynamic, yet ambiguous.  I customize training to your specific needs through leadership and decision-making courses, workshops, speaking and executive coaching.

Move the ball forward. If you're waiting for the right time - there's never a right time - the time is now.

Leadership under adversity

Are those around you looking to you to 'steady the ship'? Whether you're a corporate or captain of you local sports team making the right decision when the situation is uncertain and time is of the essence is rough. This full-day course sets out the decision skills required in these circumstances and includes a range of exercises to test your learning. — click here.

Keynotes & Workshops

By interweaving emergency management stories with key decision-making, leadership and team concepts, I present keynotes that your Company or organisation can immediately apply. I am a seasoned speaker who engages audiences with captivating material that empowers leaders to break through indecision to help build high-performing, winning teams.