Cheers Big Ears!

earhoox web.jpg

No money is changing hands here and this is not a paid product placement. Something that has become indispensable for me for over two years now is something that I just thought I'd share. Gratis, because it has been one of the better decisions I've made.

Ear Hoox. Nope, not a spelling mistake.

Ever since Apple deigned its ear-pods with their nice slippery yet contoured shape to fire decibels directly into the ear canal I've had trouble getting them to stay in my ear. Admittedly, I am a philistine that still has cables at the time of writing this. I haven't migrated to Bluetooth EarPods from Apple or anyone else for that matter - yet. When cordless earbuds were released I took one look at them and realised that it wouldn't take me long to lose one or both of them.

So, back to Ear Hoox, whether you have a chord or not, they have been a staple of my earbuds for two years now and I don't see me needing to replace them any time soon. Check them out here.

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