I'll confess. I use a Macbook Pro to do just about everything computer related and whilst it took me a while to really form an allegiance with Apple, I have become over the past decade, somewhat of an Apple 'fan-boy'. Having said that you certainly won't ever see me lined up outside an Apple store to buy the latest whatever. I'm not that much of a fan-boy.

Like the rest of the planet, I too recently waited in anticipation of what Apple's WWDC 2018 would reveal to us mere mortals of what the world's first (if the pundits are right) trillion dollar company had in store for us when it comes to the future of software and technology.

I'm writing this five days after the keynote by Tim Cook and, well... um... seriously?

Let me back up a little. I applaud an operating system update that addresses stability, privacy and security and doesn't have a radical array of new features and the likes. No problems there. However, for the massive conglomeration of some of the planet's best minds, and perhaps the cutting edge of software developers, and innovation in previous years that leaves the competition in it's wake, maybe a step back to look at your achievements from a different angle is in order?

In a world that is struggling with pollution of the oceans, where just this past week a whale died on the coast of Thailand shortly after barfing up twenty or more plastic bags, also this past week where Chinese hackers have stolen 600Gb of US military secrets and allegedly Russian hackers influenced the outcome of the last US election and possiblly the last Australian election also; where seldom a day goes by where cancer, natural disasters, poverty, corruption, obesity, discrimination, global warming and so on and on, and on, happens ... the response is ...


Emojis, memojis and animojis! Really? This is what you are devoting all that talent and who knows how much money to?